Gift cards Praktiker

Gift cards Praktiker are lovely idea to offer to your near and dear the opportunity to shop in hypermarkets Praktiker
by their own choice.

Buy card

  • Purchases in store

    Gift cards Praktiker can be used only for payment of the price of purchases in hypermarkets Praktiker.

  • from 20 BGN to 200 BGN

    Gift cards have nominal of BGN 20, 50, 100 or 200 and can be purchased from all hypermarkets Praktiker, as well as online on

  • 1 year validity

    Gift cards have term of validity of 1 year running from their purchase. The expiry date is marked on the carton, the gift card is affixed thereto.

Gift card Praktiker is valid only for purchase of goods and services, sold by Praktiker. The gift card can be applied only once and any part of its nominal cannot be cashed. The gift card can be used for purchase at price, higher than its nominal, whereas the remainder of the price is to be paid cash or by bank card.

Gift card Praktiker cannot be used:
  • for online purchases;
  • for purchase of goods, which price has been discounted through personal agreement;
  • for purchase of gift cards;
  • if it is invalid. Invalid is each gift card:
    • which validity term had expired;
    • without validity stamp;
    • which entirety or authenticity cannot be verified in an indisputable way, including, but not limited to corrections made, counterfeiting, etc.
    • identified by the cash system as invalid, regardless of the reason.


Praktiker reserves its right unilaterally, without any notice, to limit or stop use of the gift cards for certain purchases.

For more information, please call: 02/ 92 11 192