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Delivery of Ordered Goods. Delivery Term | Praktiker

Delivery for purchases made online


Deliveries of goods purchased from our online store are done by a courier and only within the Republic of Bulgaria which excludes Bulgarian diplomatic missions, embassies, ships and planes under the Bulgarian flag, and any other locations defined by international law as part of the Republic of Bulgaria. At the moment of delivery, a handover protocol is signed (the buyer writes down his first and last name, certifying conclusion of the delivery).
The delivery terms for goods purchased from the online store are as follows:
1. for goods purchased until 02:00 PM (local time in Bulgaria) – 72 hours as of the day following the day of confirmation;
2. for goods ordered after 02:00 PM (local time in Bulgaria) – 96 hours as of the day following the day of confirmation.


IMPORTANT!!! The provided terms are applied as far as they do not contradict the delivery terms provided by the respective courier.


PRAKTIKER RETAIL reserves the right to extend the provided terms by up to 12 days unilaterally and without the obligation to inform the buyer. Goods are delivered to customers in person and against a signature. Larger packages (as determined by the person delivering the product) are delivered to the entrance of the building. In case of non-delivery due to inability or hindrance, the following is applied:
1. for business addresses – delivery to a person employed at the relevant address by entering the name and positon/department of the recipient;
2. for home addresses – delivery to a member of the household by entering the name of the recipient and their relation to the purchaser. Upon failure to delivery on the first visit, not due to PRAKTIKER RETAIL and/or the courier (in case no one is present at the address, etc.), the courier leaves a notice with a phone number for the customer to call within 3 business days to determine a new delivery term. In case of non-delivery at the second visit, not due to PRAKTIKER RETAIL and/or the courier, the distance sales contract is automatically terminated as a sanction due to non-performance by the buyer. PRAKTIKER RETAIL retains all sums payed by the customer. The information provided in the previous sentence also applies when a customer refuses to accept a package for unfounded reasons.

PRAKTIKER RETAIL is not responsible for any failed orders if the purchaser has provided false, incomplete and/or incorrect data, including incomplete, incorrect or fictitious address.